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  • One who is not a professional
  • One who has the interest and passion but does not make a
    living out of it
  • One whose heart is in the specific discipline
  • One who needs an expression
  • One who needs like-minded individuals
  • One who needs avenues to observe, learn, experiment, share, reconfirm, discuss, debate the discipline
  • Who is an Amateur Mathematician or Scientist?
  • All students of Mathematics & Science whether studying in Primary School, High School or College,
  • All who have been students of Mathematics & Science, currently in related or unrelated occupations and
  • With a bent of mind suited to be an amateur
  • Medal of Honor-Amateur Mathematician & Scientist
  • Master mind of theschool Award
  • Unique 5Q Analysis
  • Merit of Honor certificates
  • Laptop computers
  • Rank Potential Index Reports
  • Gold Medals for Top students in Mains-2012
  • Participation certificates for every student
  • Many more consolation prizes

IAAMS Olympiad 2012 - 2013

IAAMS Olympiad Examinations – Olympiad 2012 - 2013 With India moving towards Global Information society. Developing the emphasis on scientific inquiry takes a pivotal role in zooming every student’s life towards success. The education in Science and Mathematics which the students receive from Primary phase through High school forms the foundation of the nations scientific, Mathematical and technological literacy. Vocabulary dense text books do not encourage scientific inquiry in the minds of students. Students learn best by investigation and discussion.

IAAMS is an attempt to scale our country's school Olympiad activity to meet the standards of other countries.

IAAMS' presence and research in USA made it possible to compare the kind of awareness and preparation standards of the US students with Indian students. IAAMS has also distilled the best of the Olympiad examinations as they happen in other continents and countries like Canada, China and Australia.

Talent should be identified, nurtured and should be given proper direction and dimension. Otherwise, it will just slip in to darkness. Identification of the talent is not a simple task, although many claim it to be. The need is for the right assessment methods, both qualitative and quantitative. IAAMS is a research oriented organization driven by amateur Mathematicians and Scientists, eminent educators and alumni from the most respected institutions from around the world and it provides direct experience with the methods of inquiry apart from relying on current standardized tests of knowledge through Olympiad Examinations.

The two prestigious olympiads of IAAMS are IAMO, IASO and IACEO

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